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Yes, it sounds simple but lot of questions come depending on whether you use ‘Adobe Launch’ or other tag manager.

Basic questions, are

  • I can see conversion tags in AdCloud Search, should i configure them for my tracking?
  • I have Adobe Launch as tag manager and using Adobe Cloud extension. We are seeing ‘track conversion’ in extension, do we still need to use ‘conversion tags’ from AdCloud Search UI?

It’s too confusing with having lots of option to basically to do same thing.

Having said that, below is how AdCloud (see here for different products in AdCloud) generally works as far as conversion pixels goes.

  1. Enable Adobe Analytics to AdCloud integration. It is straight-forward, everything done by your Adobe rep and its highly recommended to enable this integration.
  2. Once above integration is enabled,
    • Conversions (events) will flow to AdCloud (Search, display, DSP) will flow through using Analytics to AdCloud integration.
    • Unfortunately, Video Campaings will not get these events from Analytics (as of this writing). For video campaings, we need to leverage conversion pixels approach using TagManger extension.
    • Also, parameters will not be sent using Analytics to AdCloud integration (ex: ev_TrialComplete=1&ev_cost=25&ev_transid=[%TRANSACTION_ID%] in below code). For that use TagManager extension to send params.
EF.init({ eventType: "transaction",
                        transactionProperties : "ev_TrialComplete=1&ev_cost=25&ev_transid=[%TRANSACTION_ID%]",
                        segment : "", 
                        searchSegment : "",
                        sku : "",
                        userid : "123456",
                        pixelHost : ""
                        , allow3rdPartyPixels: 1});

So, short answer, considering you have AdCloud to Analytics integration completed, then

Case 1: If you have Adobe Launch and Adobe AdCloud

Use Adobe Launch extension to 1) track conversions for Video Campaigns and 2) send custom params to AdCloud for reporting and optimisation purposes.

Analytics to Adcloud integration to send events to Search, Display and DSP

There is no need to create tags in ‘AdCloud Search’ UI.

Case 2: If you use different tag manager and Adobe AdCloud

Create conversion tags in ‘AdCloud Search’ UI, and implement the same in your tag manager.

Analytics to Adcloud integration to send events to Search, Display and DSP

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