AdCloud tagging using Adobe Launch

Steps below

Step 1: Configure Ad Cloud Extension

Install the Advertising Cloud Extension

Configure the Extension

The AdCloud user should be available in the pull down. You will need to know the Ad Cloud search UserID

Step 2 – Set up Rule to track conversion

Determine the “event” you need to track conversion. This is typically ‘on purchase’ or ‘confirmation’ events in your Launch, if the marketing requirement is to track conversions on ‘product purchase’.

To track a conversion, go to your ‘on purchase’ rule in Launch, add actions and configure as per your requirements. For example below, i am adding ‘demo’ variable with value 1 to be sent to Adcloud.

You can also use Data elements to pass data to AdCloud.

For example, to add revenue and or a transaction ID (booking ID, order ID, etc) You will need have created the appropriate “data elements”. These should be available for selection by selecting the icon next to Value field. A transaction ID is recommended if available but not required.

Step 3 – Audience Segment:

To add an audience segment, ask your Marketing team to create a segment in the DSP: User Interface and to publish the available tag.

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