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Advertising world is an ever changing world, same applies for technology stack as well. In my two years of working (indirectly most of my time) with our acquisition team, i can say i never got comfortable with the product terminology. Even worse, when in meeting rooms and someone talks about one product (say AdCloud), i always used to have bit of question mark whether everyone in the room have same product in-mind in that discussion.

For reference (my reference actually), i thought below mapping sheet will help understand different terminologies used in our Adobe Advertising Cloud world.

Terminology we often hear in this space

  • AdCloud Search
  • AdCloud Social
  • AdCloud Display (covers display, Video and TV)
  • TubeMogul
  • Adobe Media Optimizer (also called AMO)
  • AdCloud (Advertising Cloud)
  • Adobe DSP
  • AdCloud Creative

And here is mapping as per my understanding after taking to AdWorld gurus in our acquisition teams.

TubeMogul = AdCloud Display = Adobe DSP

AMO = AdCloud Search + AdCloud Social

AdCloud = AdCloud Search + AdCloud Display + AdCloud Creative + AdCloud Social

Tubemogul and AMO are old names, but still getting used regularly even now.

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