Creating sub-domains for Adobe Campaign

This is one of the important/mandatory task that needs to be done when you involve setting up adobe campaign instance.

Well, it’s pretty straight forward process if we follow below steps. Our back story, for our first product, we got this done through our implementation agency, it sounded pretty difficult as we go through briefing, de-briefing etc.

And for our second product, we thought to get it done in-house, and after going through ‘neolane tickets’ history, emails floated during that time and some reading bit complicated ‘Adobe Campaign Cloud Domain Name Setup‘ documentation, here are the steps in the order.

1. Decide on sub-domain

TYpically, it should come from your campaign/engagement business team, let’s say it called ‘’

2. Get sub-domain created by your network team

At this moment, the only info you need to provide to your network team is to get the sub-domain created with below settings. Note that you need to replace with your actual sub-domain, and nothing else changes NS NS NS NS

3. Set-up sub-domain using Adobe Control Panel

Its time to login to Adobe Control Panel (you need to be admin to see that).

Click above, go to Set-up sub domain. The steps are straight forward.

4. Get CSR details from your Network/IT team

Typically, they look like this. You can find them from your company certificate from browser, but preference is to get them from your network/IT team.

Country: Australia (AU)
State: NSW
Locality: Sydney
Organizational Unit: Technology
Organizational Name: All About Adobe
Contact number: +61 2 9999 9999

5. Generate CSR for above sub-domain

Again, Campaign control panel comes handy here. Old way is to request adobe support team to get CSR create for us. Follow steps in ‘Manage Certificate ‘ to get the process.

In the last step, make sure you take screenshot of the final step. Sub-domains for tracking, mirror and response servers (that starts with t., res., m. ) mentioned there are needed for next step.

Once finished, download the CSR.

6. Get SSL certs created by your network/IT team

This step is crucial as there may be place for errors. You need to provide below items to your network team.

  • CSR that you downloaded above
  • Servers for which you need to get certs. Provide the 3 domains from above screenshot, that starts with t., res., m.
  • Ask them to cross check the ‘Common Name’ mentioned in CSR, your network team should use exact same name when creating the SSL certs. (sample attached below)

7. Install SSL Certs

Once you get SSL certs from your network team, go back to control panel and install them. You can see the progress (and errors) in same console. If any issues, try to check yourself, or our dear Adobe Support team are always there.

8. Bingo

If all good, you should able to see this new sub-domain in the Brand section.

Login to Adobe Campaign -> Administration -> Instance Settings -> Brand Configuration ->

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